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Berkey Water Filter

February 12, 2018


Berkey on Maia Ruth Lee's counter ❤️

One of my favorite purchases of the last few years is the Berkey Water Filter.  I talk about it so much that all my friends have them now.  

It removes 99.99% of all pathogenic bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, inorganic materials like chlorine, (see the full breakdown here) using ceramic filters that contain zero chemicals.  It can even be used with fresh water from a stream/lake, etc. when camping or traveling.

Each filter is good for up to 3,000 gallons, so most people wouldn't have to buy replacement filters for several years.

It is super economical in every way.  It also looks super economical and functional, which I love.

I have made a big effort to drink more water, and having water that tastes really good and that I feel confident is really pure is a great feeling.  Regulations on US tap water are more stringent than in the bottled water industry, but tap water still has a lot contaminants and buying bottled water is incredibly wasteful.  Please try never to do it.  If you haven't yet, get yourself a filter and a water bottle and make it a daily habit to drink 64 oz. a day.  

If you have the ca$h this insanely beautiful Walter Filter is handmade in NY and uses the Berkey filters but looks pretty amazing on your counter.




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