A beautiful, simple tool that fits perfectly in your hand, with a daily reminder engraved on the underside. This dry brush was made to be non-abrasive on sensitive skin and without any plastic or hardware (that can rust over time). Made from beech wood, natural bristles and without any logo, it is an object we hope will earn a spot on your bathroom counter, reminding you to utilize it daily and to be gentle with yourself :) A perfect companion to Everyday Oil, exfoliating and energizing the skin before cleansing and nourishing hydration. Our Newsprint indigo instruction poster ships with every order ~

Dry brushing is an ancient healing modality that comes from Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine. In Ayurveda it is called “Garshana" a ritual to stimulate circulation and drainage along the lymphatic system and to exfoliate and energize the skin and body. The traditional method is to brush in the direction of your lymphatic system, on dry skin, ideally before a shower. If you have never used a dry brush before, or have never used it in this traditional way, we highly recommend giving it a try, it is surprisingly wonderful.
When to dry brush: Dry brushing energizing so it is best in the morning, and before a shower so you can rinse off any spent skin cells afterwards. It should only take a few minutes ~
How to dry brush: Use gentle but energizing repetitive strokes, and use these gorgeous posters by Kreh Mellick as a guide for which directions to brush (a great reminder to hang on your bathroom wall :) Avoid any sensitive and inflamed areas and remember, harsh exfoliation is not the goal, be gentle with yourself :) Your face is extra delicate, so be extra gentle or skip completely! 
After brushing: Hop in the shower and rinse.  For extra energy and bliss, try two minutes of very cold water at the end, making sure to take deep breaths and stay calm.
Dry brush care: Keep your brush dry, if you decide to take it in the bath or shower, allow it to dry completely and store it outside of the shower. Periodically wash your brush with warm soapy water. 
Use dry brushing as a simple daily act of care, and try dry brushing your loved ones as well, they will love it :) 

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