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Is Everyday Oil Fragrance-Free?

Yes, Everyday Oil is free of synthetic fragrance of any kind. 


What Kind of Essential Oils Do you Source?

The Essential Oils we use are of the highest quality and are all third-party lab tested. Everyday Oil is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. 


Is Everyday Oil Good For Acne?

Skin issues can be incredibly stressful, and we completely understand the anxiety you might feel about using a product like Everyday Oil on your skin. While it may seem extremely counter-intuitive to use oil on acne-prone skin, some of our most loyal customers have "problem skin" and we highly recommend using Everyday Oil exclusively (as a cleanser and moisturizer) if you are experiencing breakouts. In our clinical trial, Everyday Oil was found to be non-comedogenic and skin lesions were improved. We have also received reports from customers who are using acne medication that using Everyday Oil in conjunction with those medications was helpful with the dryness and irritation that those medicines can cause.  You can search "acne" in the reviews section on the product page to read more testimonials from fellow Everyday Oil users. Please keep in touch about your skin's progress, we love hearing from you and wish you all the very best with the health of your skin.

Is Palo Santo Endangered?

Palo Santo is the common name for two species of trees.  Bursera Graveolens, the type of Palo Santo we use in Everyday Oil, is NOT endangered. There is a lot of misinformation about this circulating, because the other species of tree commonly called Palo Santo, Bulnesia Sarmientoiis endangered. CITES, The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, has updated lists that are available to reference. If Bursera Graveolens ever does become endangered or threatened, we will not continue to use it. The Palo Santo we use is sustainably harvested in the traditional way, from fallen branches. No trees are ever cut down to harvest our Palo Santo.

Are Your Ingredients Cruelty-Free?

Yes, absolutely. We are certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny.

Is Your Packaging Zero Waste?

Yes, when you receive a shipment from Everyday Oil every element is recyclable, from the box and shipping materials to the bottle itself, which is glass. The only element that is not recyclable is the pump. When there is a more sustainable option for pumps, we will offer it.

Do you have a Re-Use Program for Everyday Oil Bottles? Can I Send My Bottle Back to You?

A this time, shipping bottles back to our facility is not a sustainable option due to the added carbon footprint of shipping it back. We highly encourage you to purchase our aluminum refill bottles and refill your glass bottles. If your glass bottle has come to the end of its life, you can recycle it locally just as you would any other glass bottle.

Can I Use Sunscreen with Everyday Oil? Should I put it on over or under EO?

Yes. When applying sunscreen, we recommend applying it after applying Everyday Oil.

Can I use Everyday Oil While pregnant?

We have many friends and customers who have reported safely using Everyday Oil during pregnancy. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, none of the essential oils in Everyday Oil are contra-indicated during pregnancy and there have been no recorded serious incidents related to normal essential oil use during pregnancy. (Read more here ❤️)

Our Baseline Everyday Oil has no essential oils at all. If you have any concerns, always check with your physician.

Can I Use Everyday Oil On Infants?

Yes, Everyday Oil is certified microbiome-friendly for infant skin and we recommend our Baseline Everyday Oil for little ones. Mainstay and Warm Feelings are certified microbiome friendly for infant skin, but we do not recommend using any products with essential oils on infants or children under 3 years old. Essential oils can be safe for young children in the proper dilutions, but we feel they are a bit too strong for newborns and babies. Always do what you feel is right for your family, but we recommend our Baseline blend for little ones and anyone that might be sensitive to essential oils.  As always, use your discretion and check with your physician if you have any concerns.

My Everyday Oil Smells Different Than My Last Bottle, Is There Something Wrong With It?

We use 100% natural ingredients, meaning everything comes directly from plants. Like an orange from the same tree may taste slightly different, essential oils from different harvests can vary slightly due to the weather, soil, rain, etc. The majority of scented products on the mainstream market use synthetic scents, or use elements from pure essential oils that have been altered to "stabilize" them. We are committed to never using synthetic scents and we prefer the most natural form of plant-based scent. We think the variation is beautiful, and we hope our customers will embrace the slight differences. Synthetic fragrances will never have the same therapeutic benefits that pure essential oils have. 

Our formulas are measured to the 100th of an oz, and we stand by our products and quality control. If you ever have any issues or concerns, please email us at with the lot number from the bottom of your bottle.

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