Use Everyday Oil generously from your head to your toes.

Great after bathing, morning or night, on damp or dry skin.  Use whenever you want to moisturize or refresh.

Can also be used as a face wash, make-up remover, deep conditioner, beard oil, cuticle oil, natural insect repellent, after-sun, after-surf, after-shave, bath soak, massage oil, to help prevent stretch marks, to keep tattoos fresh, as a nursing salve or wherever you need.


Yes, the oils are really cleansing and Everyday Oil is a more holistic way to cleanse your skin.  While it is all-natural, it really does work, we promise.

We have been taught from a young age that we need to wash our face with face wash and then use a lotion to moisturize it.  By stripping our skin of its natural oils and then replacing those oils with primarily fillers and emollients, fragrances and preservatives, we are wreaking havoc on our skin.

When you use a soap, which strips the skin, you remove your skins natural barrier. Your skin will start to over-produce its own oils to try to compensate.  Even gentle soaps have the result of removing your skin's natural oils.  Rather than stripping your skin, Everyday Oil balances your skin's natural oils and adds many anti-microbial, cleansing and healing benefits.  Imagine them going into your pores and living alongside your skin's natural barriers and defenses, cleansing and purifying holistically instead of trying to strip them and replace them completely.  In this way, your skin will become balanced.  Even on days when you use nothing at all your skin will be fine.  Like when you are camping, or the airline loses your bag...your skin will be fine, it will be in balance.  One of the best things about Everyday Oil is escaping that feeling that your skin will "freak out" if you stay overnight somewhere without your normal skin care routine.  Let your skin escape the cycle of being stripped of its own defenses while desperately trying to over-produce its own oils to compensate.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, Everyday Oil works well for people with oily complexions or issues with acne.  There are elements in the oils that have been proven to combat acne and skin mutations, and many, many testimonials from users who have found that Everyday Oil actually works much better on their "problem skin" than more mainstream products.


There are no rules about how you use Everyday Oil as a face wash, but here are recommendations :

You can use it exactly as you would a face wash and moisturizer - rinse your face with warm water, use one to two pumps and rub on damp skin as you would a face wash, massage, rinse, dry, then follow with a little Everyday Oil to moisturize.

As time goes on you might see that you can be even more mellow about it -

When you wake up - rinse your face with warm water, and while it is still wet apply Everyday Oil and massage lightly into your face.  Walk away and let it all sink in or tap dry lightly with a towel.

When necessary, for a gentle exfoliation, use a clean washcloth and warm water when you wash your face with Everyday Oil.

It is really a product that you have to get to know, and once you start using it you will find your own routine with it, and will probably find new techniques and uses for it.


Here at Everyday Oil, we are a big fan of beards.  Use Everyday Oil liberally as you would a "beard oil" and rejoice.  


As a styling product, use what little is left on the hands after using it on your face/body to rub into the ends of hair where it gets drier, or mix it with you favorite styling product to add a bit of nourishing moisture.

For curly, more textured or coarse hair, use more liberally.

If you like more product in your hair or a slightly wet look, use as much as you would like.

Everyday Oil has immense anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits, so is helpful for dandruff and scalp issues.  To use as a scalp mask, rub into your scalp before shampooing.

For an extra conditioning mask, mix 1 pump with your conditioner or apply to the ends of wet hair and leave in.


To Remove Make-up or more significant dirt/grime :

Most "make-up removers" are primarily mineral oil, which is an oil derived from petroleum.  To remove make-up, we recommend splashing a little warm water on your face then using two pumps of Everyday Oil and rubbing it on your face and around your eyes just as you would a "makeup-remover."  Rinse well then wipe everything away with a towel.  If you still have any eye make up simply use a little more oil and rub it away.  You can then apply more oil as a moisturizer.  

Putting Make-up On with Everyday Oil

We have found that we can use Everyday Oil in conjunction with everything.  It can be used under foundation/tinted moisturizer and it provides a good base for those things.  You can use everyday oil liberally all over your face as a base, then use any cosmetics afterwards.  Depending on how you like your make-up to look/feel, you could apply less Everyday Oil in the morning and let it absorb for a few minutes before applying other products.  We also have friends who mix their tinted moisturizer or sunscreen with a pump of everyday oil before applying it, but it just depends on your preference and the products you're using. 

You may find that the other products and cosmetics you use can change a lot over time and depending on the day, but Everyday Oil is the constant.

Natural Insect Repellent 

Geranium and Palo Santo are natural insect and tick repellents, so Everyday Oil has built in repellent properties.  Try using it on your pups for this purpose (and to make them smell amazing.)

Shaving with Everyday Oil

Everyday Oil can be used as a shaving oil and after-shave.  Its anti-bacterial, cleansing properties help prevent in-grown hairs and bacterial infections caused by shaving ~ so keep your shave beautiful and healthy with Everyday Oil.

Stretch Marks

The vitamin E and essential fatty acids in Everyday Oil make it an excellent salve for preventing and treating stretch marks.  Apply liberally and daily in areas where stretch marks may form or are formed.

As A Nursing Salve

Skin that is raw, irritated and dry is more vulnerable to bacteria.  It needs moisturizing and healing as well and anti-bacterial pathogen-fighting elements.  Everyday Oil has all of these things and will help restore moisture and heal nipples while being 100% natural for nursing mamas.

To Keep Tattoos Fresh

Everyday Oil will keep new tattoos super hydrated while helping them heal faster and without unnecessary scabbing.