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Maia and her husband Peter Sutherland are the kind of friends that feel like family and were using Everyday Oil when it was just an oil I made for friends in an unmarked bottle.  We ended up sharing a house in Amagansett and then nearby in Springs, and their mellow positivity was the best thing for me to be around for the past few years.  I love them so much, am inspired by them and so grateful to know them.  Maia and Peter are both artists.  Here is a little piece of Maia's life with new sweetest baby Nima.  Maia was raised in Nepal, and Nima is a sherpa name there that means SUN.  

All photos by Ritchie Espenilla, styled by Sam Rezk, in Chinatown

In Maia's Words...


Motherhood is extraordinary - I’m only 2 months in, but I have a lot of feelings these days, more than ever in my life - and it can be quite overwhelming. Overwhelmingly happy and simultaneously filled with anxiety. My son is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life already, and equally the biggest gift I’ve ever been given. Waves of pure gratitude rush over me repeatedly every single day. 

BOOKS . . .

I’m currently reading MOTHER READER, some essential writings on motherhood edited by Moyra Davey. They are brutally honest accounts, discussing the intersection of motherhood and creative life explored by some of the most important female artists, writers and poets of our times.




To be honest Everyday Oil is all I use!


I’m a sucker for thrift finds, so I don’t have any multiples of clothing. I go through clothing very often, meaning I’ll sell my clothes after wearing them once or twice. Then I’ll use that money to purchase another article of clothing at my favorite thrift stores, and so it goes and goes..
I like to dress differently every single day, whether its the same shirt but with different slacks or a different overcoat, I’ve worn a different outfit everyday of my life maybe..


I don’t really believe in taking supplements, I’m sure it works for most people but I like to get the nutritions through food instead. But last year I was diagnosed with lyme disease and the tinctures I took for it made me feel better quickly. I took St. John’s Wort, Ashwaganda, Cordyceps mushroom and Japanese Knotweed and a LOT of probiotics. 

. . .