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Black Mountain College

October 29, 2021

The Everyday Oil team recently took a field trip down the road a couple miles from our head quarters to Lake Eden, the former campus of the iconic Black Mountain College. The avant-garde school opened in 1933, the same year the Bauhaus closed when the Nazis came to power in Europe. Artists and intellectuals were looking for a safe space and the quiet mountains of WNC became home to BMC, with Josef and Anni Albers, Ruth Asawa, Ray Johnson, Merce Cunningham, Cy Twombly, Jacob Lawrence, John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, John Dewey, Trude Jalowetz Guermonprez, Josef Breitenbach, Cora Kelley Ward and Hazel Larsen Archer (to name a few), gracing it’s campus until closing its doors in 1957. We took a few pics and have some now and then comparisons here for you :) 

The history of the experimental college leaves a pretty mythical veil on the lake and the surrounding structures that remain. Schedule a tour and check it out if you're into it and if you'd like to stay in a home that Josef Albers designed, you can do that too :) 

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