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Evening Lemon Yogurt Mask 🍋

September 07, 2023

We're clearly big fans of limited ingredient skincare and this exfoliating and moisturizing mask is one to add to your lineup. Plus, chances are very likely that you already have the two ingredients in your kitchen! Grab a lemon and some yogurt for this evening's happy skin moment. Both lemons and yogurt contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that are super beneficial for your skin's health :)


The lactic acid in yogurt is an AHA that helps slough off spent skin cells for smooth and moisturized skin, while the citric acid in lemons is an AHA that is gently exfoliating, evening out skin tone and soothing inflammation. The lemon will also have vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very sensitive ingredient that is easily degraded by temperature, oxygen, PH, etc., so much of the vitamin C in cosmetics is unfortunately inactive. There is no current regulation on cosmetics to ensure ingredients are offered in an active form.

AHAs can increase your skin's ability to absorb other products, so apply your Everyday Oil liberally after you rinse the mask away and before you get cozy in bed.  


3 tablespoons plain or Greek yogurt (we love this whole milk Icelandic yogurt)
1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
stirring utensil
small mixing bowl
makeup brush (or clean fingers will do!)


mix yogurt and lemon in small bowl
apply to face (with a friend? apply each other's masks for mini spa feel)
set timer for 15-20 minutes, perfect amount of time sit silently with your thoughts, or doodle with watercolor paints or read Marlee Grace's 167 things to do alone after the sun goes down



As with all exfoliating rituals, we suggest using the lemon yogurt mask monthly or seasonally, and please apply this face mask in the evening as AHAs can increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Depending on amount used, and level of your yogurt's gloopiness, you may want to apply when soaking in tub :) Our sensitive skin friends, start with 1/4 tablespoon lemon juice or a patch test to see if this mask is for you. 


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