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Everyday Finds: Spring is Coming!

March 11, 2022

Here are a few things we've been coveting as the weather starts to warm up and we think about getting outside, gardening, gathering, cooking over an open fire and swimming in the sunshine~


  1.  This amazing countertop composter to turn all of your veggie scraps and biodegradable packaging into soil for your garden
  2. Cook tortillas and roast veggies on this black clay Comal griddle
  3. A handwoven tortilla basket 
  4. Cast iron tortilla press to make your fresh corn tortillas
  5. Handmade classic work gloves 
  6. Birkenstock Super-Birki clogs are easy to rinse off after playing outside and gardening all day
  7. The Farmstand lettuce grower for the indoor or patio gardener 
  8. Fire pit cooking grate for your outdoor spring feast
  9. This black clay cooking pot for slow-cooking on an open fire
  10. Recycled kimono house slippers from a favorite shop, Tangerine
  11. This Illustrated Catalogue of American Fruits & Nuts is full of the loveliest botanical watercolors
  12. Youswim's ribbed and seamless one-piece in our favorite color comes in one very flexible size that stretches to fit lots of different bodies
  13. Flower Power dog treats, super tasty superfood bones to help your pup stay healthy and feel their best with red clover and reishi for longevity, turmeric for inflammation and blueberry for antioxidants
  14. Plant things! Like these wildflower seeds from this small, non-profit conservation organization


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