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Everyday Finds: Camping

September 23, 2022

Fall is officially here and we've gathered some camping gems, ideas and a campfire recipe for you.

Everyday Find Camping 1- A super lightweight chair is key, especially if you are hiking in to your camp spot. This one from REI has a ripstop seat and tent like frame so that it can pack down nice and tiny. 

2- Remember, wool or fleece is better than cotton at keeping you insulated. This lightweight fleece pullover from Patagonia is a camping classic :) 

3- These low cut, all season hiking socks support temperature regulation and maintain dryness while being super cozy and cute to boot.

4- Crocos? These are Chacos but soft like a Croc. They’re lightweight and perfect for unwinding and relaxing around the campfire. 

5- We dig this compact and lightweight stove with ignitor, no matches or lighter needed.

6- Instant coffee has been upgraded! These sachets are bio-degradable and this blend is a rich daily brew with notes of caramel, jordan almond, and poached pear. 

7- A stainless steel tumbler to keep that coffee warm all morning. 

8- A compact, bright and versatile LED mini lantern with a warm candle-like tone and a powerful magnetic fastener to set the mood 

9- For a luxurious foot warmer bring this sheepskin hot water bottle cover to tuck into your sleeping bag. This is the only hot water bottle system we’ve found that will still be warm the next morning. Next level cozy camping.

10- This stainless steel camp kettle can fill your hot water bottle or purify your drinking water. A Green Whistle lets you know when the water is boiled.

11- Don’t forget to pack your instant oats! This one has 30g of plant-based protein and gut healthy probiotics.

12- This cashmere hat comes in 20 different colors and is as soft as a cloud. 



If you're headed into the woods for a hike or a camping trip, we encourage you to explore nature with all of your senses. Take it all in, watch the light move, feel the moss, smell the trees (Ponderosa Pine = butterscotch, yes?).

Bring your cleansing and moisturizing Baseline Everyday Oil to stay aroma neutral and let all the good smells of the forest in. If you happen to be in a buggy spot, however, the geranium and palo santo in your Mainstay blend have some natural repellent properties. 



Cut up some sweet potatoes into very small pieces (think : the smallest lego square) and saute them until soft and crispy. Add some cut up Kale and saute a few minutes until soft. Boil Water on the fire or with your camp stove, drop in a packet of this brown rice healthy ramen, drop in an egg and cover for three minutes. Serve in a bowl, adding the sweet potato and kale. (*If you want any meat, you can cook bacon in the pan and cook the sweet potatoes and kale in the bacon fat - then cut up the bacon and add back in at the end.)


Happy Camping :)

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