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Everyday Finds: Timeless Tools + Multipurpose Objects

June 02, 2022

Hello friends! We love things that have innate utilitarian all-purpose functionality; multi purpose objects can offer a reclamation of precious time. At Everyday Oil, we strive to create products that are all-purpose and effective to the core. Made for everyone, Everyday Oil can be used by the whole family. All ages and stages of life.

Since Everyday Oil is "the Swiss Army Knife of skin care", we wanted this round up to include other effective utilitarian products, timeless tools that are also useful and well-loved.

 If you're looking to gift some other utilitarian objects here's a good roundup ~

  1. OZMA's signature silk bandana in soft, earthy palettes. You can wear it a million different ways, but a bandana is so much more! Sleep mask for airplane or park nap, camping washcloth, berry basket...
  2. A simple cast iron vessel for holding a handful of strike-anywhere wooden matches. Light a candle, light some incense, light that bonfire :) 
  3. Next-level camping with this featherlight aerospace-grade titanium multi-utensil with a spork on one end, a serrated butter knife on the other, and multiple tools in between. 
  4. TWELVE tools in this one little leatherman and the best feature is it can be opened and operated with one hand. 
  5. Auntie Oti Lungi, these traditional Indian men’s sarongs are super mulitfunctional- use at the table, wrap up after a swim, create a makeshift shade, toss on your bed or a spruce up a sofa. 
  6. OAS Squiggle Shorts which feel multipurpose because they're made out of Terry... but too good not to include :) 
  7. Stainless Steel Folding Shears with ring cutter, ruler and oxygen tank wrench!
  8. This hankie is created with mud print technique called Dabu. Tie it around your neck, or in a pinch, keep your picnic tidy when you misplace your napkin.
  9. The 4Way Dry Bag from Snow Peak is a multi-use waterproof bag with adjustable shoulder straps and a side handle make wearing the bag seamless, offering options to wear the item as a backpack, shoulder bag, or hand carry.

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