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Everyday Finds: Tools for Wellbeing ~

August 18, 2022

Here's a little reminder to spend some time outside ~ walk in the woods, lay in the grass, swim in the sea or a river, move your body, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, drink some water (we are so lucky to have it) and get some space from screens ~ 

We’ve gathered a few items that we have vetted and love ~ to support rest, compassion, wellbeing and movement in our daily lives.   

    1. Walter, an independent business crafting the most beautiful and thoughtful vessels for purifying your drinking water. They integrate with Berkey Filters which last for years between changes ~ use code “EVERYDAY” for $50 off this weekend.
    2. Seed, a 2-in-1 probiotic and prebiotic for gastrointestinal and whole body health.
    3. Heilbron Herb’s Helios Tea is a nod to the strength of the sun. Airy and sweet with revitalizing notes of lemon zest, plum, pine, and ginger. 
    4. Liposomal Glutathione - An amazing supplement for cellular health using an antioxidant produced by our body ~
    5. Aarke Carbonator - Love sparkling water? Going through lots of aluminum cans? Get a carbonator - this one is steel, cordless, and comes with a glass bottle, no plastic. It is even dishwasher safe! 
    6. Mix in some Ghia non-alcoholic aperitif with your seltzer water for the perfect spritz
    7. Chocho Superfood Protien by Mikuna - one ingredient vegan protein powder, made from a special protein-packed Legume. Easy to digest, no additives, no sugars, no flavor - and lots of soluble fiber to boot! 
    8. Jolie shower filter -  The Jolie Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals & other contaminants from your shower water. Looks good, easy to install, easy to change the filter.
    9. The Art of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh ~ picking up any book by Thich Nhat Hanh will bring you a little peace, comfort and a smile. We lost this beloved teacher this year, but his spirit lives on to continue teaching us compassion and mindfulness. 
    10. The Massager- This beautiful handcrafted tool is designed for attentive, healing, and playful touch. Self care with clay. 
    11. This Kyoto based organic matcha manufacturer is the preferred source for serious practitioners of chanoyu or the Japanese tea ceremony in Japan
    12. Moon Lists- A Guided Journal is a tool for noticing the mosaic of objects, thoughts, and feelings that make up everyday existence

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