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Hair Care ❤️

October 15, 2021

When we say head to toe, we mean it :) Our hair and the skin that lives underneath it is very deserving of gentle TLC yet often gets overlooked and over-treated with styling products and heating tools that can lead to damage. Let's look at some soft and simple ways to care for that hair.

We're chatting with some of the best stylists and barbers from  Fellow Barber  on why and how they use Oil on hair, beards and shaves in the chair and at home 💛 


 Travis Nunes

"Everyday oil is the be all end all product. It’s so versatile, I use it every single day. Personally, I use it as an add-on in my night time moisturizer, and in my hair at night after I shower. I wake up with soft hydrated skin, and beautifully smooth, easy to manage hair."

"At work, I always use it as a blow dry prep for my clients. I add just a couple drops to damp towel dried hair. The result is a silky smooth blow dry, and a head full of revitalized healthy looking hair. It’s also the best for shaving. During the pre-shave prep I’ll add a few drops to my clients skin before I apply a steam towel to their face. This helps soften their coarse facial hair. I also use it as a shaving oil, to get the perfect beard line up. The reason it works so much better than shaving cream is  because it’s clear. You can see straight through it, which makes creating those clean beard lines so much easier. For clients with dry and flaky scalps I tell them to massage a few drops into their scalp before going to bed every night. When they wash it out in the morning their scalp with feel less irritated and much more hydrated." Travis is a senior barber at Fellow Barber's Nomad location and a regional barber manager in NY, book here :)


Raquel Fajardo

"Using Everyday Oil as a pre-shave oil on the face is great! After a neck shave, it is great as an aftershave moisturizer. It’s also a great way to pump up the hydration in your pastes. I take Fellow Texture Paste in my hands, and add a pump of Everyday Oil. Then, I cocktail it all together with my palms and apply in hair from roots to tips. I advise my clients to use on skin and face; especially in beards. Everyday Oil penetrates well and smells wonderful without being overpowering. Buzz cuts love Everyday Oil, especially thick coarse hair! Curls love it too.
I use it as a base for my natural scents and oils at home.  When it's the first day that I’ve shampooed, I will add two drops emulsified in my palms and add to my hair for that added bit of control." 
Raquel is a senior barber at Fellow Barber's Melrose and Silver Lake locations and a regional manager in LA, book here :) 


Alexia Saras

"Everyday Oil is the only one you need, it’s a unique oil that helps me and my clients stay hydrated all year long. Did you know, the castor oil contained in this oil helps reduce inflammation and promotes hair growth! This oil will also promote hydration to help any scars on your scalp. Applying oil on your skin during winter helps keep you warm."

How Alexia applies: 

1- two drops with your Fellow Styling Cream to add moisture and highlights to your styling

2- straight on the skin if you want to use it to shave after a hot towel

3- straight on to your scalp for a late night treatment/head massage

Alexia is a senior barber at Fellow Barber's Seaport location and a regional manager in NY, book here :) 


Alicia Tippin

Everyday Oil is one of my favorite products to use on my clients. It’s extremely versatile in its uses. I can recommend it for use as skin care, hair care, facial hair care and an all over skin moisturizer.  Because of the use of organic essential oils, I feel confident in it being gentle and safe for kids to be able to use and recommend it to their parents. It’s absolutely fabulous to use in the summer months when the pool is in heavy rotation and the hair needs some extra love. Everyday Oil doesn’t have extra additives or fillers, making it an extremely concentrated and powerful product. I always stress, you only need the tiniest bit! What makes up a “good” product to me is value and quality . I want to invest into a product that I get a good bang for my buck. Between Everyday Oil being ultra concentrated and multi functional it’s hard to beat! Not to mention the combination of oils leaves the most comforting fragrance behind. Alicia is a senior barber at Fellow Barber's West Village location book here :) 




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