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In the Everyday with Angela

March 12, 2018

If I could see auras I think Angela's would be a sparkly lavender and lemon dancing around her. She was the chef at Mission Chinese until very recently and is now out in the world doing cool things.  She put Ivanka Trump properly in her place, makes the most beautiful art with food and has one of the best voices ever.  We both geek out over things like low acid coffee and scrubby hands  (more about that here) and she has been an OG Everyday Oil supporter since the beginning.   Here's a peek into her morning -
All photos by Ritchie Espenilla, styled by Sam Rezk.

In Angela's Words...



Some of my favorite things are my Toddy Cold Brew Maker (makes concentrated low acid coffee - add hot water in the winter for a chocately cup of coffee that needs no dairy.  And an activated charcoal stick in a jug of water in my fridge.


I like to wash my hair every other day with Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo.  I love the smell and tingle on your scalp.  For conditioner, I use Amika Leave-In conditioner because I color my hair.  I leave it in while I do a body scrub and pumice, and wash it out.  After I get out of the shower, I'll add a small amount of Amika and a heavy amount of Everyday Oil to keep my hair moisturized and to style because I like a wet look.



I take vitamin b12 whenever I'm feeling like I need a boost or under the weather. I also take Source Natural Wellness pills if I start to feel any scratchiness in my throat!


I love Weleda Rose Deodorant because it smells so good and doesn't leave a residue.  

I also want to try out some yellow mascara! Just dyed my hair a goldenrod yellow [ It's so good, see here 🔥]


Non work uniform I've been wearing a lot: vintage fake snakeskin bootcut pants, XL long sleeve Come Tees shirt with an XL mens Gildan hoody (really into orange, goldenrod yellow and grey)

Recent work uniform: patchwork Levis jeans, grey restaurant noma apron the team let me keep when I did a popup there back in 2015!, i like to wear this Commes des Garcon button up linen white shirt my friend gave me that he didnt want anymore. The sleeves are cut off of it. 


I love the lusciousness of the rose and lychees depicted in Pierre Hermes' cookbook IspahanBluets by Maggie Nelson, [I read this a few years ago and loved it] and Flavors of the Phillippines Glenda Rosales-Barretto is a secret weapon.


Spotify accounts: Yaeji, LSD XOXO

Spotify albums: Bomba Estereo - Amancer, Little Dragon - Season High, Onyx Collective - Lower East Side Part One, Onyx Collective - Lower East Side Part Two, Princess Nokia - 1992

 A RECIPE . . . 

 My girlfriend just turned me on to nutritional yeast buttered toast. Amazing for breakfast to sop up eggs baked in crushed San Marzano tomato topped with parm, good olive oil. Cook on 425 for about 10 mins or until the whites are cooked but yolks still soft to the touch (aka runny) and the cheese just browned. Top with flake salt, black pepper, and a fistful or coarse chopped parsley. So simple and delicious. 

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