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Meridian Comb

September 16, 2022

Meridian Comb

Our Meridian Comb is a hand-carved therapeutic comb that promotes relaxation and renewal of the scalp. Made from Cedar, it smells amazing and every surface is incredibly smooth ~

To be used therapeutically by following the paths of the meridians of the head, up to 20 times each, in a morning and evening meditation. 

Both the smooth side and the teeth of the comb can be used as a Gua Sha or on Acupressure points. It is a sculpture and a very satisfying object to comb, massage, and relax with. 

The concept of a Meridian Comb has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ours is hand-carved by an incredible woodworker in Taiwan. Each comb ships with our Meridian Comb Instruction Poster by Kreh Mellick

Meridian Comb Poster

Benefits of use: 

Combing the meridians of the head is intended to support the flow of energy and circulation. Acupressure points are the same points used in Acupuncture, and by simply pressing them with a tool or your hands, you get some of the same benefits in a milder way.

meridian comb - how to use

When to comb: 

Anytime! But we recommend creating or incorporating it into a morning or evening meditation. Keep it by your bedside and use upon waking as well as before bedtime.

How to use the Meridian Comb:

Comb each meridian line in a gentle meditation, up to 20 times each, slowly with steady pressure. 

Three big mood elevating points are located at the top of the head. These points help clear the mind and calm the spirit and support memory and concentration:

One Hundred Convergences

Anterior Summit 

Posterior Summit 

Start at One Hundred Convergences, by placing the left fingers behind the left ear; the right fingers behind the right ear. Move the fingertips up to the top of the head, then feel for the hollow toward the back of the top center of the head. Posterior Summit is also in a hollow, one inch in back of One Hundred Convergences. Anterior Summit  is one inch in front of One Hundred Convergences. 

Potent points located at the base of the skull can support relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and head. The points help promote relaxation and will encourage a good night’s sleep. 

Window of Heaven : In the indentation at the base of the skull, one to two inches in back of the earlobe.  

Gates of Consciousness : Below the base of the skull, in the hollows between two large neck muscles, two to three inches apart. 

Heavenly Pillar : One finger width below the base of the skull on the ropy muscles ½ inch outward from the spine.

Wind Mansion  : In the center of the back of the head, in the large hollow under the base of the skull

Comb care: 

Wood prefers to stay dry :) If you use your comb on wet hair or it happens to get wet, try to wipe away the water and apply a little oil to keep it from drying out over time.  




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