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Nicaragua I ❤️u

by Emma Allen March 12, 2018


I went to Nicaragua and I loved it so much!  We did some planning before hand and had some "cool" spots lined up to stay in.  But in the end we abandoned all plans and went to a surf hostile we found, far from everything.  My favorite part of the trip was abandoning the plans.  It was the wandering, the discovery, the lack of schedules and destination points that made me feel the happiest, lightest and most free.  We had a four wheel drive truck and the roads where we had to drive through rivers were so fun, the meals on the side of the road were some of the best ones we had, and the simplest of rooms had the warmest hosts.  I highly recommend this style of travel for ultimate chill.  When I got home I was reading this book - Be Here Now - and this part - turning off the vibrations of the scene - it is something I want to work on.  Not sacrificing the moment even when it seems impossible ... creating space to actually be present . . .


Emma Allen
Emma Allen



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