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Scrubby Hands Exfoliating Gloves

by Emma Allen March 13, 2018


I first found out about scrubby hands when I went to the Korean Spa Castle in Queens with some friends many years ago.  In the downstairs area it is mandatory to all be naked and you can get "scrubbed" by amazing older women with scrubby hands.  You lay on a plastic covered surface and they scrub and pour buckets of warm water over you - washing away a surprising and disturbing amount of dead skin.

Body scrubbing is an important part of Korean culture and I really get it.  As soon as I did it it became something I wanted to do everyday.  I have done it everyday since.  Like flossing, once you do it you realize how disgusting it is not to do it.  

Angela Dimayuga introduced me to these, her favorite Korean scrubbies, which are tiny and so cute and come in amazing colors -

but I still prefer the classic, which is what they use at Spa Castle and to me has the perfect texture - gentler than a loofah, but rough enough to really scrub.  FOLLOW WITH EVERYDAY OIL FOR THE DREAM LIFE 




Emma Allen
Emma Allen



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