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Tahini Date Shake + Tahini Milk

October 09, 2019

water color by Amy Farrier

Sesame Milk? Yes. 

Tahini has more protein than milk and most nuts. It contains magnesium and iron, is rich in B Vitamins, and helps improve brain function and energy production. It also contains Vitamin E, an important protectant against heart disease and stroke. 

It is made of ground sesame seeds - making this quick milk recipe easily interchangeable with almond, cashew or other nut butters : no soaking or straining needed. Just swap out the tahini and experiment with whatever nut butter you have on hand! 

I personally love this milk and feel the sesame flavor adds a unique richness to the shake recipe. It is simple and satisfying :) If you haven’t made your own dairy free milk, this recipe is an easy way to start. It’s a money saver and limits waste build up that buying pre-made milks can create. If nut milks are your thing ~ we previously shared a simple homemade cashew milk here.



Sesame (Tahini) Milk Recipe ~ 

 4 TB Tahini 

 4 Cups Filtered Water 

 Dash of Pink Salt 

 Dash of Vanilla

 Sweetener of choice (optional) * I prefer maple syrup 

Place all of the ingredients in a blender on high for 2 minutes. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. 


date shake recipe ☺ ~



Tahini Date Shake 

~ makes enough for one large glass or two small servings.

 1 cup Sesame (Tahini) Milk  (see recipe above)

 2 Pitted Dates 

 2-4 Ice Cubes OR ½ Frozen Banana 

 Dash of Cinnamon 

 Dash of Pink Salt 

 ½ Tsp Vanilla (optional)

 1 Tsp Maca 

 ½ Tsp Ashwagandha 

 ½ Tsp Reishi, Cordyceps, or Lion’s Mane (optional)


Place all the ingredients in a blender for 1 minute. I prefer my dates to add texture, but for a smoother consistency blend longer. Enjoy by yourself or it is great shared with a friend after a meal :) 



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