Walter Filter!

August 22, 2019

the vessel that makes you want to drink more water ~ 

I have talked about my love of the Berkey water filter before, but want to share the most beautiful water filter of all, the Walter Filter.  It uses the ceramic filters from Berkey (truly the best and most economical filters around) but is a handmade ceramic vessel for them, making any space feel comforted by its presence.  Filtering my water with the Berkey filters has been life changing for me, and the Walter Filter makes that experience so beautiful.  Cassie Griffin, a delight of a human, hand makes each one with her small team in Brooklyn.


Hand-making these large beautiful pieces out of clay is no small feat.  If you want the purest water, in the most sustainable way, in the most beautiful vessel, supporting great people and their work, the Walter filter is for you.

We have one in the Everyday Oil offices and every person that comes to visit comments on its beauty. We love it!



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