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We Love Lloyd Kahn and His Sweet Dishwashing Method

September 17, 2021

Dubbed the King of DIY dwellings, Lloyd Kahn is an author and builder, with a sensible approach to just about everything related to shelter. He was the shelter editor for Whole Earth Catalog and founded Shelter Publications, a family-owned publishing company that focuses on tiny homes, homesteading and building. Oh, AND they publish this amazing book on Stretching that we will be referencing before big days when we batch oil. 

A part of what we do here at Everyday Oil is find beauty in simplicity, and joy in the most basic of Everyday routines. We found this video on Llyod's dish washing method and would love to share it with you! Please note the genius dish drying rack system (well done Lew Lewandowski!)

  ~  Lloyd's basic dishwashing tools ~


  • dish soap, he's using Seventh Generation which is widely available, we are loving this giant block of dish soap that lasts and lasts :) 
  • aluminum shaker filled with baking soda (I always see these shakers at second hand shops and Etsy, can also find at restaurant supply stores)
  • comet for extra cleaning power (can try easy-to-find Bon Ami as an alternative)
  • scraper (oxo makes a 3 pack of silicone spatulas that you'll use for ever)
  • brush (this one is the perfect shape for hard to clean glassware)
  • cotton dishcloth (if you're not into making your own at the moment, there are SO many amazing choices out there... how about scalloped, house shape ❤️ , subtle rainbows, or simple textured cotton
  • stainless steel scrubber
  • dish tub (doesn't need to be fancy... however, strategist recommends this one with a removable straining plug, brilliant!)
  • compost bucket with lid :) (another Etsy treasure trove, can also pick up the kind with holes and a filter if you're not feeding chickens or composting daily) Compost curious and living in an apartment or don't have access to a spot with space for outdoor composting? Vermi-composting might be a good fit! 



For more shelter inspiration, give Shelter Publications a follow on Instagram and visit their shop to add these books to your library :) @shelterpub

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