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Guide To Asheville

August 24, 2023

We’re grateful to be able to call Asheville home. 

Here are a few favorite spots to share with you, in case you find yourself headed this way for a road trip :)


Stop by La Bodega by Cúrate for a housemade croissant and perfect cortado before heading over to East Fork* to pick up a few mugs, crossing made-in-Asheville souvenirs off your list. Grab a bottle from Crocodile Wine, a big exciting selection of Natural Wines, NA treats and very friendly folks to help you find what you like. Malaprops has been a staple for books since 1982, they will help you find a great read or you can pick from the blind date book shelf where the books are wrapped in kraft paper and have prompts to help you pick the perfect book without seeing the cover or knowing the title. Dip into the Asheville Art Museum, which has a small group of works on display from the Black Mountain College Collection, one of the most notable being Ruth Asawa’s wire sculpture Untitled (S.372). We’re also excited about the weaving exhibition at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center, coming fall ‘23 and staying through the end of the year. Lastly, Tall John’s is a special and cozy neighborhood spot in Montford. Snag a seat on the patio if you can :) 



Mother opened a cafe on the South Slope- If you love bread and wine, put a little star next to this one. We’ve talked about their simple and delicious Jambon-beurre before and can’t wait to try everything on the new menu. Walk 5 minutes over to Farewell* and order a pick me up from one of our favorite coffee shops or head to Sunshine Sammies, their giant ice cream sandwich is best made to order. 



Start at Owl, the bakery that's well loved for its fresh, buttery, delicate pastries and the drinks are super lovely too. Head next door to say hi to our pals at Garden Party* and Playdate*. Garden Party has lots of things you’ll want to gift to yourself and Playdate has everything you could ever want to gift to the little ones in your life. For lunch, go next door to Gan Shan, they have a really tasty rice bowl. 


Lots to explore in West Asheville ~ 

Leo’s House of Thirst - cozy wine bar with great wine list and sweet atmosphere. 

Neng Jr.’s - intimate 17 seat Filipinx restaurant, James Beard nominee, so book in advance!

Firestorm - the collectively-owned radical bookstore just moved into their new space and it looks so nice :)

Hole Donuts - simple, fresh, melty and made to order. Long waits, but they’re so friendly, you won’t care. 



Wildflowers has such a sweet selection of vintage clothes and quilts. Rafi’s collection is special, and it is nicely organized. There’s lots to look at but it doesn't feel overwhelming to search through for your perfect piece. It’s really close to 12 Bones BBQ, if there’s not a super long line, you may want to order some - it’s some of the best bbq in the south. Check out the Grail Moviehouse on a rainy day. 


Over to Black Mountain, about 10 minutes outside of Asheville, where we make Everyday Oil. 



In the early 1930s and 40s, the Black Mountain College was a beacon of avant-garde art and education. Artists like Ruth Asawa, Anni Albers, Willem de Kooning, Buckminster Fuller and Robert Rauschenberg taught and learned here, shaping modern art and leaving a pretty mythical veil on the campus and the surrounding structures that remain. Schedule a tour and if you'd like to stay in a home that Josef Albers designed, you can do that too :) This legacy of creativity continues with various craft schools and artist residencies in the area (like Penland School of Craft and Township10). The Black Mountain College Museum is nearby in Asheville preserving the history and making space for innovative art in the community. 


Food! Open Oven is tucked away just off the main road and has a lovely breakfast offering or opt for lunch if you already stopped at the most delicious vegan made-to-order Dough House doughnuts on your way into town. Other favorites include Cousins Cuban, Taco Billy and the Grange. Kids go wild for the Grange, it’s covered in picnic tables and features a play space with dirt piles and Tonka trucks. 


Spiritual leaning and design curious folks make sure to check out the United Research Light Center. Their mission is to increase awareness of the Oneness of All That Is by expanding Light, Peace, and unconditional Love. The prayer dome floor is carpeted wall to faceted-wall in bright purple, it’s truly something to see. Below that, the Light Center’s light room is circular and bordered with what look like iconic Herman Miller Chadwick Modular chairs. A panel of lights surrounding the room shines seven colors, corresponding to each energy center of the body, one color at a time for five minutes each all to the stylings of Richard Shulman’s light music


With chakras aligned and cleansed, you can find miles of good hiking in Montreat. Drive through the small town’s college campus lined with river rock masonry. Head to Graybeard trail for a longer, more active hike or opt for a quick but meditative walk around the nearby pond. 


Forgot your Everyday Oil? Stop by the well curated acupuncture haven, East Acupuncture Wellness Boutique*, hiding in an unassuming storefront on 70, the road that takes you from Black Mountain to Asheville.


*PSA :) All shops with an asterisk usually have Everyday Oil on their shelves


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