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Happy New Year!

January 01, 2018 1 Comment

hi 2018....

Its been a big year for us at Everyday Oil, and looking back on everything that has happened it seems like more than 12 short months.  I moved Everyday Oil from NY to NC, moved the business into a warehouse, changed from a single woman operation into a 3 woman operation, started ordering by the 50 gallon drum instead of by the gallon. (and on a personal level, got robbed, literally went broke to $0, etc)  It has been a whirlwind, and a testament to staying the course.  Stay the course!  Looking back on the year and everything that has happened made me want to put together some memories of where Everyday Oil came from and where we are now - 

It really started at my kitchen table in Brooklyn, making oil blends for myself and for friends, but we sold our first bottle two years ago, and I was just mixing up tiny batches in a glass pitcher.  I got a little lab scale, and would set up on the dining room table, then in an extra room in the house, making oils and shipping orders in the evening when I got home from work -

The color was off on the first bottles - and the printing was too thin!  Also we were so small that it was hard to find screen printers that would work with us, and our first bottles were not the most durable...


hombre ❤️

(photo from Backyard Bill ❤️)

 My best friend and my cousin (they got married to each other!) kindly let me set up Everyday Oil in their house down the street in Springs, where I had a little workshop in their downstairs.  Their son Vincent (best guy ever) would "help" and liked to go through the recycling "making oils too"


But then they moved to a new house and I was back to the dining room table -  

 Things were growing, and I couldn't afford a space out in Springs/East Hampton where we were living.  I moved the company to North Carolina, and had Everyday Oil in my new little house for a few months while looking for the right space - and recruiting every friend, family, acquaintance and visitor to help, haha.  It was actually so beautiful and amazing that when we would have crunch periods, people I didn't even know would show up to help ship.  It was a beautiful thing.

But things were getting too crowded and I got to a point where I couldn't walk in my office anymore.

and the freight trucks took out a power line trying to deliver to my tiny little street - so I had to recruit my mom and baby brother to help me load shipments into the car from shipping company parking lots -

I found the biggest space I could find that I could afford but it was not pretty!!!  But it is in Black Mountain and I love Black Mountain - also, it has a loading dock and lots of nice neighbors -

but we've been there 4 months and its pretty sweet in there these days - I spent a lot of time cleaning and painting all surfaces -

It has been amazing to have space and to create better systems.

(Stephanie didn't want to be in the photos but she's too damn cute )

These dish towels on our heads are for function but usually when I make a batch of oil I wear it the rest of the day because I feel Italian and it feels good -

hi its me

Thank you so much for all the love.  I'm grateful every day I get to make this magic and for all the beautiful souls near and far that use this oil, lend a helping hand, write the sweetest reviews, share with their friends, and support small businesses all over!









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January 12, 2024

Love this one 💛

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