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Simple Little Salt Scrub

September 17, 2021



What You Will Need
1 cup plain epsom salts
1/4 cup Everyday Oil 
water safe jar
stirring utensil
mixing bowl
add Epsom salts and Everyday Oil into one bowl
mix thoroughly
scrub all over desired body parts
store remaining mixture in a water safe jar
admire your soft glow ✨


For the softest skin in the universe, use this two-ingredient recipe for a relaxing scrub and soak, and a dewy glow all over. It’s an easy and simple way to incorporate the moisturizing and balancing properties Everyday Oil into your weekly or monthly scrub. Two birds, one incredibly smooth stone. 

Use it in the shower or at bath time for a quick DIY spa moment, but works best in the bath when you can soak tired muscles in the Epsom salts after your scrub. Keep at your kitchen sink or gift a jar to a friend ❤️  As always, we want to be gentle with our skin, so exfoliate sparingly to keep the microbiome healthy!


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